25+ Totally Kid-Friendly Acts of Christmas Kindness Using Elf on the Shelf

Image by Rhian Awni

Sooo, December 1st is tomorrow and we are just preparing for our Elf on the Shelf to make his appearance! It’s never too late, right!? Well, maybe… but we are totally FINE and I will keep on telling myself that for the next month! I hear so many really clever names for people’s Elf on the Self. Our Elf’s name is Buddy. Yeah, I know… very original! We just so happened to have watched the movie, Elf, right before we got him. Buddy was the only name on our 3-year-old’s mind at that time. Nothing fancy, but we love the movie so Buddy is perfect for us.

During the past few years, Buddy has gotten seriously tired of causing so much mischief in our house. He still loves hiding, but it didn’t feel right causing messes and being naughty when his job is to report to Santa whether our girls were being naughty or nice.  We wanted our girls to understand the true meaning of Christmas. The last few years Buddy has been teaching us the importance of kindness during the holidays (and every day). Our entire family has gotten so much out of it! We just put a little twist on it and made the whole Elf on the Shelf a positive experience for our girls. 

For the last 3 Christmases, Buddy has been giving us a kind task to do for someone else each day. Of course, I got the idea off of Pinterest.  In fact, I have an entire Pinterest Board on this very topic.  You can see it here. I found so many great Pins having to do with Random Acts Of Christmas Kindness (or RACK as many like to call it).

Hmm… Come to think of it… are they really Random Acts if it’s all planned out? Probably not so Random! Nonetheless, it’s an amazing feeling showing so much kindness all around! Having a plan is pretty awesome too (EVEN A “LAST MINUTE” ONE)! 

Last year we decided that we did not want to sit down each night and write another note from Buddy. I bought an advent calendar like this one (actually this one is cuter than the one we have), typed up, printed, and cut out tasks on pieces of paper.  We then folded them up and placed one activity for each day leading up to Christmas, in the pockets. Some activities were Acts Of Kindness… some were fun things we were to do as a family. It worked great!

Here are some great advent calendars (with pockets) I found this year!


This year I am changing one thing and that is to make the tasks all more kid-friendly and easier for my girls to complete (instead of my husband and me)! In the past, many of our tasks were about spending money and activities that the adults needed to do.  Don’t get me wrong… I love giving, but what are our kids getting out of it if we are doing all of the work? Nothing! So this year it’s going to change!

I created my own list of (mostly) Kid-friendly Acts Of Kindness to use with our advent calendar. You can find them at the bottom and you can print them for FREE! There’s more than 25 (just in case)! I kept the format simple using beautiful clip art from Rhian Awni so you will not have to worry about using up all the ink in your printer. Just print, cut, fold, and place in your own calendar. OR just leave one with your Elf for a quick little task for your child/children to complete.  If you want something more fancy there are plenty of choices on my Elf Pinterest Board.

Have you noticed how expensive ink cartridges are? It’s seriously crazy! I did find a deal at Target on their own remanufactured Up & Up brand of ink cartridges. They used recycled cartridges and encourage you to recycle them when you are done.  They are cheaper, work great, and are better for the Earth! Win-Win-Win! Check them out here

I just absolutely adore this clipart I got to use from Rhian Awni at Creative Market.  They are so pretty. Check out her shop here

Images by Rhian Awni


By the way, you should totally check out Creative Market!  it is a platform for handcrafted design content from independent creatives around the world.  Click Here to check it out!

Back to my Acts Of Kindness! You can totally get them here for FREE

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